The Best Living Room Tile Ideas & Designs


If you are looking for a durable and stylish flooring option for your living room, then consider choosing tiles as it is a great option. They have excellent insulative qualities and thus, ceramic tiled flooring maintains a warm temperature in the cooler months and vice versa. When we generally talk about tiles, we automatically start thinking about kitchens and bathrooms. However, tiles are a great option for our living rooms as well. Classy, low-maintenance, and easy to clean, this flooring solution imbues your living room with a polished style. There are a number of great living room tile ideas to choose from and you are simply spoilt for choice!

There are different kinds of living room tile inspirations to suit all rooms, design styles, and purposes. This blog will help you in making the right choice when it comes to spicing up your living room!

Tile with terracotta

With the help of terracotta and warm-toned tiles, you can create a Moroccan oasis. This is a popular idea when it comes to beautifying your living room. A staple in modern homes, terracotta tiles can imbue your home with a Moorish feel. In order to create an excellent impact, you can install terracotta tiles running from the inside of your home through to your garden or courtyard. This design will create a continuous flow between inside and out, which is ideal for hosting.

Those, who are looking for something less eastern and more rustic, can also use terracotta tiles to give your living room a Spanish Hacienda. You can pair your terracotta tiles with crisp white walls and earthy, wooden furnishings and accessories to instill your home with a rustic romance. This is a great way to give your living room a Spanish touch.      

Tile your fireplace

A fireplace is a great addition to your living room. It adds character to your home with its cosy warmth and nostalgic design aesthetic. Tiles are an ideal choice if you want to make the hearthside more attractive. You can keep up with the conventional style of your existing fireplace by installing a Herringbone pattern. It will maintain and preserve the heritage feature along with highlighting a refreshed and modern look on the classic. A charcoal tone is perfect for this style.    

You can use subway tiles to line your fireplace if you want a contemporary classic look. if your bathroom or kitchen also has these contemporary tiles, then choosing them for your fireplace will help in creating continuity in your home.

To spruce up your fireplace, mosaic tiles can also be used. Whether it’s smaller and neutral tiles or fun and bold ones, mosaics give an extraordinary finish and pattern that is ideal for your elegant living room.

Create continuity

A good-looking home is one that has a coherent design style consistent throughout the home. You can create design harmony in your home by having your living room tiles running from the inside out. A seamless flow between indoors and out can be created. It also ensures that the adjoining outdoor space of your home is maximized.  Getting your tiles professionally fitted is always recommended. When a professional looks after the installation process, then it offers you peace of mind. The entire procedure gets more streamlined. If you are also planning to purchase living room tiles for your home, then browse the premium quality products offered by Karara Ceramics. The offered tiles are inspired by Italian designs and are manufactured in the Italian way. Excellent sturdiness is guaranteed along with complete worth for your money.

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