Here’s how you can use Leftover Tiles Creatively!

Here’s how you can use leftover tiles creativel

Decorating or renovating your home is an art that requires a lot of creativity! A popular and cost-effective way to enhance the beauty of your home is using stylish tiles. In this blog, we will show you how even the leftover tiles don’t go waste if you use some imagination power of yours! There are some leftover wall and floor tiles lying around after the completion of any home renovation project. These remaining tiles can be put to some good use in a number of ways. So there will be no wastage at all if you use them in creative crafts rather than throwing them away.

The top ways in which you can use your leftover tiles are explained below:   

Patchwork tiles

Patchwork tiles can be used in almost all parts of your home including balcony floors, stair steps, bathroom doors, etc. All you have to do is just smash the extra tiles. You can cut them in the desired shapes by joining the doors. The last step is to level them with the cement concrete. Quite easy to do, this is a great way to put your leftover tiles to a good use.

Tile house numbers

If you want to elevate the front part of your home, you can use personalized tile house numbers. You have to make sure that tiles of the same sizes are used. However, you can experiment with the patterns and colors. You can paint them as per your likings and creativity. After painting, secure them to a bracket and place on the front door. This is quite an innovative way to use leftover wall and floor tiles, and it gives excellent results.

Tile coasters

Leftover tiles can be used for coasters and pot mats as well if you want to use them creatively. Mosaic tiles of size 8X8 centimeters are considered the best tiles for such unique implementation. A single piece is enough as a coaster or pot mat. The 30X30 centimeters tiles will be the best choice.

Tile table top

You can upcycle the old pieces of furniture as well here. They are cheap and using them is way more fun to craft out a lovely piece. All you need is a mini box of tiles and some paint. You can use the leftover tiles outside in terms of outdoor tiles. This can be done by using the tiles for upgrading the garden tabletop. Therefore, it will make it sturdy and weatherproof for the whole year. 

Tile dry-erase magnets

For creating mini dry easy magnets, this is a very easy project using the leftover tiles. Glossy white tiles are the best ones for this purpose but you can use as per your choice as well. You will need some glue, magnets, and tiles. Be very careful while gluing magnets to the corners at the backside of the tiles. For tis craft, porcelain kitchen tiles are an ideal choice. The final product will be an easy go-to write down that you can use for multiple purposes, grocery list for instance.      

Flooring skirting line

You can use the leftover tiles to make the flooring skirting line as well, especially when long strips are required. You have to cut them using a cutting machine and paste them with a cement mortar or tile glue.   

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