5 Reasons Why Italian Tiles are Best


Even at a time when you can buy Chinese reproductions of practically everything, there are several compelling reasons to invest in high-quality Italian designer tiles. Italian tiles are unquestionably your greatest option whether you’re trying to decide which to use in a house remodel or for new construction. Here’s why they are entirely worthwhile:

Thorough research and innovation

Italian tile manufacturers undergo a protracted, methodical process of research and development, in contrast to Chinese manufacturing. Each tile you receive features tons of technological and artistic brilliance. Italian tiles naturally provide you with a much higher return on investment than their Chinese equivalents, which makes sense. Not only do you get the most up-to-date designs, but also the finest materials that give any room they are placed in a noticeably affluent look.

Great for appeasing eyes

Italian tiles are your best option if you want the practicality of tiles and the opulent aesthetic of natural flooring materials like wood or marble. They perfectly mirror the appearance of other materials while being simple to maintain over time. If you use high-end Italian tiles for your walls or floors, it will be nearly hard for a passer-by to determine whether the substance is really wood or not.

They are tough

Italian tiles are renowned for their toughness and durability in addition to their mesmerizing looks. Other tile kinds cannot match the killer aesthetic-strength combo that ceramic tiles possess. They will remarkably well endure the pressure wherever you place them. They won’t need any occasional care. So, you can use them in high-traffic areas of the house. And you can still expect them to endure for a very long period. Additionally, these tiles are incredibly simple to fix if they ever crack or break.

Highly fire resistant

Italian tiles are among the most fire-resistant building materials available. The tiles will aid in confining a fire in the event of an accident by preventing the flames from spreading further. This provides a compelling argument for why Italian tiles are the greatest in the world. And at Myron, you get the best of these tiles with an installation process that is incredibly exact and does them credit.

Extremely waterproof

An excellent tile should be able to withstand a lot of spills without obtaining any lasting stains, and that’s exactly the advantage Italian tiles provide. One of the main reasons we choose tiles is their ease of daily use. Italian porcelain tiles are less porous and do not permit as much liquid penetration as ceramic tiles. This is a huge benefit, especially if you have young children or dogs at home. Your tiles will continue to look brand new for a very long time despite the inevitable daily accidents.

Italian designer tiles change the whole dynamics of your house. It gives your home an elegant look that matches the elite class of gatherings. The reasons mentioned above are more than enough to make someone prioritize Italian designer tiles over others. Still, if you feel you are not satisfied enough, test it yourself.

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